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Repair and modernization for bearing industry


Constantly escalating requirements to quality of manufacturing bearings from the one side and technical and moral depreciation of the bigger part of equipment manufactured by local bearing Ukrainian companies from the other side became a results of necessity to substitute and total modernization of machine fleet.

In 2001 the Kharkiv Machine-Tool Plant, PJSC together with KhARP, JSC developed and realized program for modernization of grinding equipment. During 3 years was solved big amount of constructive objectives, conducted design-engineering exploitation, which gave an opportunity to form optimal decisions.

Since 2004 the Kharverst is ready to provide its services to all companies of bearing industry.

In 2001 the Kharverst started complex modernization of grinding equipment of KhARP plant, Kharkiv, Ukraine. The main aim of the conducted works was correspondence of KhARP’s machines to the modern technical requirements with the help of significant changes in machine design, equipping with modern CNC systems, etc. It helps to increase technological flexibility, machines productivity, provide higher accuracy parameters of machined parts.

Initially, the following main requirements to modernization were formed: 

The Kharverst assimilated modernization of automated internal grinding machines of SIW 3E type and automated chute grinding machines of SIW 3B type, as well as automated special-purpose round-grinding machines of AGL-50, LZ-190А and LZ-214 types. The logical finish of modernization for these machines was forming of technological modules for machining of roller paths of outer (SIW3E) and inner (AGL50, LZ-190А, LZ-214) ring and hole (SIW3B) of bearing inner ring.

The SIW and AGL machines were equipped with two-coordinate CNC systems, which provides control of the main movements by “rolling screw – nut” transfer, electric devices for “air non-grinding”, modern devices of active control and high speed and high accurate spindles.

In machines of LZ-190 and LZ-214 types was modernized spindle of grinding circle, in which are used hydro-dynamic slide bearings, and mechanism for supply of workholder, in which is used “rolling screw – nut” transfer.

The main achievement of provided modernization is possibility to: