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Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant, PJSC (Kharverst, PJSC) is the largest CIS manufacturer of roll and circularl grinding machines.

• The plant was put into operation in January 1936 and during its 75-year history the plant deservedly has gained the worldwide fame. The Kharverst products were exported to 41 countries, including the USA, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan, China, India and the UK. Over the years of operation more than 90 thousand units of equipment have been manufactured, there have been more than six hundred different models among them, many of which are unique and have been manufactured exclusively at Kharkiv machine-tool building plant. 


In 2001, Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant became a part of the UPEC Industrial Group, and then the company started a new phase of its development.

Today Kharverst is a dynamically developing company, one of the ten largest machine tool building enterprises in the CIS, which has a considerable industrial potential. Along with the manufacture of traditional products, the plant develops new and modern models of roll and circular grinding machines, which correspond to the level of advanced foreign analogues.

Area of specialization

The company specializes in manufacture of a wide range of circular grinding machines: 

The uniqueness of the plant is determined by the variety of the product range and the technical complexity of the equipment manufactured. 

The machines manufactured by the Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant enable to grind parts in a wide range of dimensions and weight characteristics - from tiny ones, having weight of a few grams, to giant ones, with a diameter of up to two meters, length of up of to sixteen meters and weight of up to 125 tons. And, in any case - with micron accuracy!

The plant's products are in demand almost at all enterprises of general machinery manufacturing, they are used in shipbuilding and automotive industry, pipe and paper industry, arms production, engine building, tractor and bearing industry.  

One of the main customers of the grinding equipment is the metallurgical industry. The Kharkiv roll grinding machines (for processing of rolls of sheet rolling mills) are installed at all the metallurgical and heavy machine plants of the CIS.

The strategic goal of the plant is formulated in the development concept of the company and consists of position strengthening of grinding machines at the market, proposition to the consumer of competitive machinery, which comply with the best world standards.