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The company has a complete production cycle of parts and units for assembly of its products. 

The existing fleet of unique manufacturing equipment enables to perform casting of complex case-shaped parts of the machines, to manufacture steel forgings with the weigh of up to 150 kg, to conduct heat and galvanic treatment in order to comply with the requirements for mechanical strength and working durability of the parts.

Mechanical processing and subsequent assembly of units as well as adjustment of mechanisms of manufactured machines are performed by highly qualified working and engineering personnel of the plant. Accuracy of parts manufacture and units assembly is continuously monitored by quality control and product certification department.

The company has a fleet of new CNC mechanical processing equipment manufactured in Germany and delivered within the program of retrofitting and upgrading. These are turning-milling and milling machining centers manufactured by CHIRON and MONFORTS firms, grinding machinery from BLOHM company.  

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The company has its own powerful department, which is involved in development of control programs for CNC machines and technology process planning. CNC systems, drives, electrics and so on are purchased from the world's leading supplies: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Shmidt, Buluff, Marposs and others.

This allows us today to ensure compliance with the highest standards of design developments and to manufacture high quality and modern products.

Integrated automation system

In 2008-2010, an integrated automation system of design and technology process planning and computer maintenance of machinery production (KSA) was introduced at Kharverst, as well as at all enterprises of the UPEC Industrial Group.

KSA project is implemented on the basis of integrated CAD / CAM / PLM-solutions and software products on Pro / ENGINEER-Windchill platform developed by PTC company (USA). In addition, a unique complex of technology process planning based on Windchill MPMLink and VERTICAL system developed by ASCON company (Russia) was launched.

The main advantages of KSA introduction include: the improvement of the products accuracy and quality due to operation in a single environment - from design 3D-model to process technology; reduction of terms of technological processes; efficiency increase in preparation of design and technological documentation; a significant reduction in costs for design and technological process planning, as a whole.